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We'll design your garden just as you imagine it 

Even if all you own right now is an untouched mud garden, we're happy to come and show you how we can turn that into the garden which dreams are made of. We'll see it as a wonderful blank canvas; something that we can work on from scratch. If you own a 'meadow' of a garden, something which has been left to grow wild for a number of years, we'll be just as happy to help.  

With years of experience, we're able to offer all our clients a complete end-to-end gardening service. We work out what you need, what you want and then design the garden just as you want it. 

Of course, we'll offer advice on the best way to do things and will always take your current lifestyle into consideration. We'll also need to understand your desire to maintain your garden. If you want something that's low-maintenance, then that's exactly what we'll create for you.

Garden designs with no boundaries

  • We can use a variety of materials in your garden, including timber, water, stone, slate and glass
  • Everything we do is done by gardening enthusiasts; experts who have a real passion for their work
  • From start to finish we work with you, creating just what you want and avoiding any surprises

If you're looking to create the ultimate garden, everything starts with a phone conversation, so why not pick up the phone and call us today on Leeds 0113 370 9072.

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